Excellent physiotherapy services in Kingman

Whether you're trying to overcome a movement disorder that you've dealt with from birth or an injury you acquired in a car accident, physiotherapy can provide you with the relief you seek. At Kingman Chiropractic Clinic, Ryan Gustafson, DC is a state-licensed physiotherapist that truly wants to help alleviate your chronic pain.
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Excellent physiotherapy services for a patient suffering from injuries in Kingman, AZ

Sports related injuries

While the thrill of the game is sometimes reason enough to play through the pain, sports-related injuries can plague you for years after the fact.

At Kingman Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Gustafson uses proven physiotherapy techniques to help you recover from sports-related injuries and prevent future injuries from happening.

Auto accidents

Injuries acquired in auto accidents don't always show up right away. If you're suffering from chronic pain due to an auto accident, call on the amazing services of Kingman Chiropractic Clinic. By using joint manipulation and mobilization to reduce pain and stiffness, Dr. Gustafson will help you feel like yourself again.

Long-term conditions

Trying to overcome a long-term condition can often lead to frustration and exhaustion. By listening to your needs and working with your goals, Dr. Gustafson can assist you in overcoming movement disorders whether they were acquired at birth, are the result of ageing or stem from other life-changing events.
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